The latest restaurant construction project was the design-build of Tierra Caliente, a Mexican restaurant located on Fayette Street in Conshohocken. Though RETS Builders has built 10-12 restaurants in the area, each project comes with its own sets of challenges and stipulations. The Conshohocken restaurant was no exception. But through the process, from the original ideas to the mechanics, came a beautiful structure that exceeded client expectations.

The Concept

What began as a children’s furniture store was reimagined into a lively atmosphere with a cultural feel for customers, in addition to a functioning restaurant for employees. From the start, RETS developed a strong relationship with the owners of Tierra Caliente, who let them run with their ideas.

The Execution

The redesign began with a layout change to allow for a better flow to accommodate the 100 person maximum. Next came demolition; knocking down walls and installing plaster ceilings. Then, the design-build of the brick-front bar, which became a main focal point of the restaurant. Columns were installed and embellished with stone work that also ran along the walls and décor.

The Final Product

From start to finish, the project took roughly four months to guarantee it would be open by May, just in time for warmer weather. As it stands today, the building serves as the perfect setting for the thriving restaurant. The unique interior and its intricate detailing pays homage to Mexican culture to give those who enter the total experience.

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