As the temperatures drop and precipitation enters the forecast, it’s crucial that you’re prepared for the harsh effects winter months bring. If not, the results can be damaging to your facilities, resulting in issues you’ll deal with long after the snow melts.

A few simple steps can make all the difference during the winter season. Learn more about how to winterize your home and commercial properties to avoid disaster.

Prepare Your HVAC System for Winter

Not only is it important that your heater is working properly, but it’s also necessary to prevent your pipes from freezing. Always keep the set point to 68 degrees, and insulate water pipes along the exterior of the building or located in unheated interior space. Inspecting water pipes regularly will help you identify any small leaks that can lead to major failure. Running water at a slow drip will relieve the pressure that would otherwise burst a pipe in the event that it freezes.

Winterize Vacant Spaces

Don’t neglect the vacant spaces on your properties, as they may require more attention than the rest. Inspect the window and door seals to make sure they’re intact. Check doors, garages, roll ups and windows for sufficient weather stripping. Clean chimneys and exhaust systems so they’re free of debris. It’s also a good idea to keep all utilities on in vacant units.

Inspect Your Building

Address all exterior cracks, splits and punctures before a snowstorm to avoid leaks. Repairing this damage will help you avoid increased heating and energy costs. It’s also necessary to eliminate an entryway for pests seeking warm shelter and searching for food.

Be Prepared with Snow Removal Assistance

Before a snowstorm, account for and take care of all slippery surfaces. Clean up and de-ice entryways, parking lots and any areas where injuries can occur. It’s important to be generous with materials, so if you’re dealing with large areas or several properties, it may be necessary to hire an outside company to deal with de-icing and snow removal.

Take these tips into consideration before the first winter storm hits and rest assured that you’re prepared.

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