A design-build contract is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of contracting due to the many benefits it offers clients. The contractor takes ownership of most elements, from selecting architecture and engineering firms, to subcontracting partners and ordering materials.

A common issue among construction projects is that architects, engineers and commercial general contractors do not always have the same ideas or processes. But, hiring one qualified design-build construction company to be the overhead on the project eliminates the many problems that arise from too many businesses trying to work together.

Will a design-build contract work best for your next project? Find out why it may be the best option for you and your business.

Utilizes Contractor & Subcontractor Relationships

A contractor will typically select subcontractors they’re familiar with because they know they are capable of completing the job successfully and on time. When different groups of people come together to complete a project, there’s a time period of getting used to each other. This can end up tacking on additional time and sending the project over budget.

Strengthens Contractor & Client Relationship

When a client works directly with the contractor, it helps them gain a firm understanding of the entire project from the beginning. They’ll work together to determine the scope of the project and establish a realistic budget, as well as a list of wants and needs. Eliminating the middle man can also prevent any surprises throughout construction.

Reduces Client Responsibility

With a design-build contractor, the responsibility of ordering materials and arranging for subcontractors falls off the shoulders of the client. They do not have to be in charge of unforeseen circumstances and can rest assured that the job will be taken care of by the design-build contractor. Aside from completing the construction work, the design-build contractor also manages the every aspect of the project so the client never has to deal with the pressure.

Shaves Off Time

A design-build contract is the preferred method under a tight schedule because it’s intended to save time. Jobs that need to be fast tracked benefit most from a design-build contract because approvals are typically granted sooner. Then, designers and builders work cohesively to create a logical design plan.

Owners of many of commercial construction projects are interested in working with design-build construction businesses only, due to its streamlined processes.

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