Spring is here and the warm temps and longer days may have you feeling the need for a total refresh, maybe even one that goes beyond your annual spring cleaning. How many times have you looked around your house and thought about all the aspects you’d like to be different? Those changes may be more attainable than you think.

A simple remodeling project could make all the difference when it comes to what makes your house a home. Think about the way the people in your house work and live under your roof. Consider all the snags in your daily life and figure out what can be improved. That will help you determine what the non-negotiables are for the renovation.

When considering a remodel, it’s best to be as informed as possible. Understanding how the project will work from start to finish before it begins will eliminate any surprises or disappointments. Learn about all the options available to you and determine what will work best for your home.


Renovating an outdated bathroom or kitchen can breathe life into your home without being too drastic. These projects won’t break the bank but they will pay off in increasing the value of your home. Many people decide to remodel their bathroom or kitchen to fix existing damage such as broken tile, leaking valves or old cabinets. An upgrade can also be useful if you’re in need of more storage space.


A conversion renovation will allow you make the most of the space you have. Finishing the basement, turning a garage or an attic into a bedroom are all useful remodels that add livable square footage and drastically add to your home’s value. You’ll have to look into your community’s building codes, but building under your own roof allows you to avoid zoning restrictions.


You may need more space to achieve what you desire in a home than what an upgrade or a conversion can provide. There are many types of additions that will allow you to add the square footage to your home that you need, while working with the design of your current home. Types of additions include first floor addition, dormer additions for rooms with steep roof lines, adding a second story to homes without an upper floor, or building above the garage. It’s crucial to determine just how much space you’ll need and focus on core needs without going overboard.

Keep in mind the value increase of your home when you’re pricing out your renovation. A home appraisal comp is determined by the bedroom and bathroom ratio and square footage. Adding rooms and living space will increase the appraised value of your home and pay off down the line.

Take a look at the before and after pictures of our most recent kitchen renovation below.

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